"Good Drivers Should Be Rewarded"
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We provide services of monitoring, evaluating and enhancing fleet drivers performance.

Event Detection

Using only the driver phone, we detect several harsh driving events like Breaking, Acceleration, Lane Change, Turning, Speed Bumps.

Driver Score

We provide a score for every driver depending on his driving behaviour, considering also other input factors which help in evaluating his performance.

Easy Integration

We provide Software As a Service (SAAS) or SDK to our clients to get easily integrated .


Our algorithm was tested on different types and sizes of cars .

Overall Score

Trip List

Event List


We believe that good drivers should be rewarded.

  • 2017

    Hitting The Idea

    The idea came to solve the problem of "Defining Driver Behaviour" this problem is being faced in Fleet Companies, Insurance Companies and Individuals!

  • June-2018

    BYF Program

    Participated in "Build Your Future" start-up accelerator program.

  • Nov-2018

    Teknofest istanbul 2018

    We were one of the 50 elected start-ups among more than 2000 applicants from all over the world to participate in the competition.

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Our Team

Rafet Dallal

Software Engineer

Monzer Masri

Software Engineer


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